Helmet-hub.com is owned by motorcyclist Hennan Arruba. He came from a family of riders and has been a part of a popular motorcycle club in Montana. Through his years in running with the same club, he had already experienced its highs and lows. He had already seen many disasters accompanying riding two-wheeled vehicles without safety gears and he wanted to change this. He wanted to make a difference without removing the fun in riding. He believes he understands what the riders need because he was one himself, and he planned to use it to his advantage.

ABOUT US - Helmet-hub.com

Was it a success?

Through the years of religious work and collaboration with various professionals, it could be said that his crusade had been successful. Many riders not only from his own club has since the opening of the physical store immediately acquired helmets from here. The most preferred ones were those custom-made helmets where the riders could choose their own designs. This had turned out to be a competition because everyone wants to have the best-looking safety gear to wear. Of course, the quality is high-grade and tested to protect the head during accidents and collisions. The helmets from Helmet-hub is a product of science through and through.

We are beginning to open our doors to the international market starting the mid of 2018. This is what’s next for the company. People worldwide should already start looking forward to this event. Target date would be in late June and would not be later than July 2018. We are hoping that what we have started here in the United States would also be adopted by many countries around the globe. We hope that by doing this, we could help people who ride motorcycle and bicycle to be safer on their journey.