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There is just something appealing about riding a two-wheeled vehicle. Whether it is a bicycle or a motorcycle, it provides an adrenaline rush that is very different in that offered by cars. Both bikes and cars could attain a speed that is both exciting and exhilarating, but it is the former that gives its riders a sense of freedom. For one, in riding a bike, you could easily feel the wind blowing all over you immediately as you drive it out from the garage door installed by A1 Garage Door Service in Milwaukee. There is no smell of artificial cooling devices such as air-conditioning units. You could easily smell the fresh air especially if you are fond of traveling to back roads and to the countryside. Compared to cars, bikes are also easier to navigate especially if you are passing through narrow roads. Also, there are no contraptions and metal frames that would restrict your movements. The latter although are good factors that make bikes appealing to the riders, also pose some risks. As such, it is encouraged as much as possible to arm yourselves with protective gears.

Helmets are among the basic safety gears that are encouraged for every biker to have. This helps protect the head which is among the most vulnerable body parts exposed in case of an impact. When you have a helmet, there is a better chance that your head won’t suffer too much damage from the collision. Open wounds and other injuries could be lessened. But albeit the fact that helmets could provide a great help to the rider, it is noticeable how many riders go without it. What more is that there are many places in the United States where helmets are not mandated as a primary requirement in riding unless you are 18 years old and below.

There are many reasons stated why individuals who ride a bike do not wear a helmet. One of the most popular reasons among bikers, however, is that it ruins their style. Motorcycles bring a certain badass aura to its rider, and certainly having to wear a helmet instantly diminishes that aura. Admit it, it doesn’t really exude a cool vibe and some even go as far as claiming that helmet makes them look nerdy. Yes, the reasons mostly stem from vanity but nonetheless the end result is the same – making them subject to a bigger risk.

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